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Julia - 2022 Company A Dancer

Company A

Our Company A program is the ultimate training ground for serious dancers who aspire to enter the professional dance world.

This exclusive, audition-only program is designed for dancers who demonstrate a strong foundational basis in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance styles, with an emphasis on choreography and performance. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention and feedback to help each dancer reach their full potential.

Company A members attend four Ballet classes, two Jazz classes, and one Modern class each week as part of their rigorous technique training program. In addition, they have the opportunity to choose an elective class in Hip-Hop, Tap, or Acro to further diversify their skills and broaden their dance repertoire.

But Company A isn't just about technique training. It's also about performance. As a Company A member, you'll have the chance to showcase your talents through competitive and non-competitive showcase events. These performance opportunities allow our dancers to gain valuable stage experience and build their confidence as performers. This audition-only program is reserved for the most talented and dedicated performers. Enroll now in our 2023 Summer Intensive and audition to take your dance skills to new heights and pursue your dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

Class & Tuition Information

Mandatory Classes: Ballet, Pointe,  Jazz, Modern + 1 Elective Class

Elective Classes: Hip-Hop, Acro, Tap

Technical Class Tuition - $375 Per Month

*Includes Weekly Mandatory Technique Classes + 1 Elective class.  Additional Elective classes are $25/class, per month


Peaches Jarvis

Company Director


Hayden Slaff



Dany Rabello



Paolo Cervellera

Ballet Master


Stephanie Jade


image0 (1).jpeg

Elida Wallack

Company Choreographer


Dawn Branch



Brittany Stovall



Dan Burke

Company Choreographer

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