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Founded in 2017, Peaches Dance Company began auditioning students for this elite Performance and Competition Group.  Our Dance Company Mission is to provide students with performance and competitive opportunities that build teamwork, growth, sportsmanship and dedication. 

Our Dancers compete in 4 competitions per season, and a multitude of Regional Performances that include the likes of Universal Studios Florida, Walt Disney World, Orlando's Dancing for Diabetes Benefit Concert and more!

All company members are required to audition for and be accepted into our Pre-Professional Dance Program.  Company members take weekly classes in our Pre-Professional program in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Silks & Acro & Hip-hop.  Placement and attendance in all classes offered in the Pre-Professional program are mandatory to participate in our Dance Company.

Ruby Company

Katie Aronica, Adelaide Bleakley, Avanna Glas, Andrew Gonzales, Eisley Hernandez, Chloe McKeever, Johnny Miller, Rowan Morrell, Holland Ort, Luani Rabello, Abigail Santorelli, Jayden Secall

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2019 - 2020

Dance Company

2019 - 2020 Competition Results

February 1st & 2nd, 2020 

Jr. Prep Solo

Speechless - Platinum, 1st Overall - Pearl Company Member

Once Upon a December - Platinum, 2nd Overall - Rose Company Member

Jr. Prep Duo/Trio

Faith - Platinum, 2nd Overall - Pearl Company Members

Home - High Gold, 5th Overall - Crystal Company Members

Caged Bird - High Gold - Rose Company Members

Jr. Solo

Dragon Queen - Double Platinum, 1st Overall - Diamond Company Member

Everybody Hurts - Double Platinum, 2nd Overall - Diamond Company Member

Static - High Gold, 4th Overall - Pearl Company Member

Grown - High Gold - Rose Company Member

Sushi - High Gold - Diamond Company Member

Teen Solo

Burn It Up - High Gold - Diamond Company Member

Teen Duo/Trio

Fiesta Latina - Platinum, 5th Overall - Diamond Company Members

Mini Line

Friend Like Me - Platinum, 1st Overall - Ruby Company

Jr. Prep Line

Rio - Platinum, 1st Overall - Crystal Company

Spirt - High Gold, 2nd Overall - Crystal Company

Move it - High Gold, 3rd Overall - Hip-Hop Jr. Company

Jr. Group

Instinct - Double Platinum, 1st Overall - Acro Sr. Company

Strongest Suit - Platinum, 3rd Overall - Rose Company

Tribe - High Gold - Tap Company

Bad Guy - High Gold - Hip-Hop Sr. Company

Do Your Thing - High Gold - Emerald Company

Not About Angels - High Gold - Pearl Company

Jr. Line

Illuminate - Platinum, 1st Overall - Acro Jr. Company

Throw It Back - Platinum, 2nd Overall - Hip-Hop Jr. Elite Company

Jr. Production

Bones - Platinum, 1st Overall - Pearl, Emerald, Diamond Companies

B'Chella - Platinum - Hip-Hop Jr./Sr. Elite Companies

Teen Group

Jet Set - Double Platinum, 1st Overall - Diamond Company

Girls - Double Platinum, 2nd Overall - Hip-Hop Sr. Elite Company

Angel Down - Double Platinum, 3rd Overall - Diamond

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Monday - Friday: 1:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday - 9:00am to 1:00pm

Sunday - CLOSED

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