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Ages 11 to 18

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Our Teen Program is designed for middle & high school dancers to explore the art of dance while having fun in an encouraging and engaging atmosphere.  Whether dance is an afterschool hobby, or just a way to hang out and have fun with friends, we have a class for you.  Classes are structured at a beginning/intermediate level.


Please read below for a synopsis of each discipline:


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Teen Ballet:

Teen Ballet is a beginning level ballet class.  Students study basic technique at the ballet barre and basic center work.  Students are taught and demonstrate skills such as Plie, tendu, rond de jambe, battements, chasse, chaines,pirouttes and jumps.  

Teen Jazz:

Jazz is a derivative of ballet technique.  It focuses on body alignment and position,  the contraction and release of the upper body, and expands the technique of ballet through contemporary music and movement. Students continue to apply exercises from ballet including jumps, turns and battements. Our Jazz classes for Elementary 1 & 2 are beginner/intermediate classes.


Teen Tap:

Our Teen Tap classes focus on the basics of tap and rhythm.  Students learn the base steps such as shuffle, flap, time steps, buffalo, maxi ford etc...  These steps are placed in varying combinations to help students recognize rhythms, timing, and sounds. Tap is as fundamental to dance as ballet and is very important to help students develop excellent timing and memorization skills. Tap classes are beginner/intermediate level.

Teen Musical Theater:

Musical Theater combines all styles of dance to the songs of the great white way!  Students learn to have confidence and fun while singing and dancing along to music from popular shows such as Hairspray, Rock of Ages, Momma Mia, West Side Story & Grease.  These classes offer movement based on beginner/intermediate dance technique.


Teen Hip-Hop:

Hip-hop at this age is all about fun!  Students learn to dance big and be themselves to popular kids music.  Hip-Hop is about being expressive and learning to have fun and perform!

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