Ages 3 to 6 Beginner/Intermediate 

Our ages 3-6 program is designed to teach the fundamentals of rhythm, body awareness, and basic dance skill sets to your young dancer. Our mission at Peaches Dance and Music is to create an environment that is an enjoyable and everlasting experience.  Students are taught to use their mind and body for development in rhythms, movement, strength and flexibility. Our classes are vibrant, upbeat and full of imagination.              Please read below for a synopsis of each discipline:

Creative Movement & Acro (Ages 3 through 5):

Students in our Creative Movement & Acro class utilize props and imagination to inspire rhythm and movement skills through a series of exercises and patterns. As students progress in age, their dance experience expands in length and difficulty.  Students will also learn simple acro and tumbling skills to help improve flexibility and coordination.

Combination Class (Ages 4 through 6):

Students in our combination classes participate in two disciplines of dance within their 1 hour class.  This can be a combination of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and/or Acro.  Students use this time to learn the basic skills for each discipline such as basic barre and center work in ballet; Shuffles, flaps and rhythm matching in tap; Basic jazz and acro skills such as lindies, chasses, limbers, battements and flexibility.

Hip-Hop (Ages 4 through 6):

Hip-hop at this age is all about fun!  Students learn to dance big and be themselves to popular kids music.  Hip-Hop is about being expressive and learning to have fun and perform!

Pre-Professional Prep Classes (Ages 5 though 6):

Our pre-professional prep classes are designed for students age 5 - 6 who have presented exceptional skill and focus ability. Classes expand on the curriculum of our combination classes and are presented in a more structured and disciplined manner.  Students may be invited to these classes or recommended by our staff.  If you would like your student to participate in these classes, we ask that you attend a combination class as an evaluation so that our teachers/staff can assess their skills and abilities.


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